The best part about a festival is the experience that comes along with it. As a ticket-holder to Out of the Darkness Film Festival, you have earned yourself credit to 1 free meal and drink a day at any of the events/venues listed in the perks on the top. 

Be it the cobwebbed corners of The Chapel bar, or the Kaiju week at Geary Street, the whole city will be filled with remnants from Guillermo del Toro’s legacy of monsters among the face of humanity. Have brunch in the dystopian truck park at Dogpatch, or sip champagne at the SF Museum of Modern Art while gazing into the display of horror film props. Dress up as your favorite Troll Market monster on Monsterball Night at Local Edition, or curl up and listen to San Francisco’s real life horror stories at the Alamo Square. 

No matter what you want to do, the festival has you covered for the biggest monsterfest of your life in one of the most eerily haunted cities in the country. 

Don’t forget to bring your favorite monster-fighting weapon along!