The City of Dark, Dark Roots.jpg

THE city with dark, dark roots

he San Francisco Bay is known for a lot of things: piers, sailboats, beautiful beaches and quaint towns. But it also has a deeper, darker history of hauntings all along the coastline.

Founded all the way back in 1776, the city of San Francisco, California offers a storied past featuring prominent roles by such groups as Spanish missionaries, gold miners and immigrants from around the world. Due to its rich background, San Francisco offers its fair share of haunted history tours that explore ghostly stories and tales of the past inhabitants of the city.

Supernatural, paranormal entities are, of course, scientifically at a proven inexistence, but if you’re a true fan of the horror and the mystery of the dark unknown, San Francisco’s gothic past and ever-inquisitive inhabitants will always keep you busy. 

The next few pages will keep your eyes and ears open to all things you could learn about the monsters of San Francisco.